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Why Tom Mix are the leading Imprinted Concrete Specialists

With over 30 years experience and wealth of projects under our belt we are the South Easts leading Imprinted Concrete specialists. Using the best materials and with a leading team of trained operatives we serve Essex and London with quality of service and care. 

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Founded Tom Mix
- 1984

We started Tom Mix as a family business back in 1984. Providing concrete services Canvey and Benfleet

Tom Mix Concrete Design
- 2014

Off the back of Tom Mix we started Tom Mix Concrete Design where we began landscaping projects across Essex

The Current Day 
- 2021

Having now become the leading Imprinted Concrete experts across Essex we have a fantastic portfolio of both Residential and Commercial Projects 

Our 5000th Project
- 2010

We hit a great milestone of hitting our 5000th project across the two Tom Mix businesses. A Great feat! 

Imprinted Concrete 
- 2015

Having worked with PICS UK for a few years we was introduced to the world of imprinted concrete. From there we have become market leaders

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Pattern Imprinted Concrete?
    To put it simply, patterned concrete (also known as stamped concrete) involves pouring concrete on a sub-base, then a colour is applied followed by a hardener. This is unlike traditional concreting, which typically involved using blocks to create your finish. Once the concrete is wet, this is when the pattern is applied. You can choose from a variety of prints, the most common being brickwork, textured stone and ashlar stone. Patterned concrete is a popular choice for domestic properties, specifically lining driveways as they add curb appeal to your property.
  • Why would I use Imprinted Concrete
    Good quality print Our imprinted concrete gives you a range of colours and options that will look better for longer than the traditional slab / stone methods. With a quick and easy hose down your driveway will look like new each time. Durability Our imprinted concrete can last up-to 50 years +, and has been proven to avoid acidic rain damage, block weed growth and be fully waterproof. Giving you the peace of mind that your new driveway will not just look amazing now, but also in many years to come. Price Imprinted concrete is quicker and more importantly more affordable than traditional ways. Here at Tom Mix we give customers flexibility on payments and are always on hand to discuss your project to ensure you are happy with the final outcome every time. No More Weeds We have all seen our neighbours driveways having been destroyed by weeds/moss breaking the surface and making them a real eye-sore. With imprinted concrete you will not only never have to deal with weed growth but also have a driveway that is looking brand new after a quick wash.
  • Why should I choose Tom Mix?
    Tom Mix has been an advocate of Imprinted Concrete and expert landscaping for many years. Having initially started back in 1984. Since then we may have grown but the family ethos has never changed. We are dedicated to making your project as close to your dream as we can. Having completed over a 10,000 projects in our time we are blessed to have met some amazing customers and transformed some beautiful homes. Rest assured with Tom Mix you are in good hands, happy to answer any questions or provide a quote for your own project.
  • How do I get a quote or contact you?
    You can call us or book an online quote here. Our quote team is on hand from Monday to Sunday for appointments and are happy to travel across Essex, London and beyond to service your needs. If you do have any questions feel free to also drop us a message on the online chat function, we will get back to you within 30 minutes!
  • How long will my driveway/Patio take?
    Once work has begun it will usually take 3-5 days to lay the concrete and work on any trimmings / adjustments. Once laid you are looking at around 5 days until you can use the concrete for everyday usage!
  • Where do you guys serve?
    We are based in Canvey Island, Essex and work across Essex, London, Kent and Surrey!
  • How do I pay?
    We accept Visa, Mastercard, Cheque, Cash and more... Contact us to disuss more!

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